CVC Equine Promotion Service

CVC was founded by Christina Dietmann (photographer), Veronika Vonková (horse trainer and stylist) and Conni Schneider (graphic designer). We have been horsey girls from the get-go. The love and passion for the American Miniature Horse brought us together.

Christina is a passionate lover and breeder of Miniature Horses and the woman behind the camera. She finds the magic in every moment and will keep this in the photos.

Veronika is the horse whisperer among us. As as trainer she can bring each horse to its full potential. She also is our Make-Up-Artist and can handle the horses during the photo shoot. Veronika will make your horse shine.

Conni was an accomplished breeder of Paso Fino Horses before she lost her heart to the Miniature Horses. Since then her horses are competing and winning on the highest European level. She is a professional graphic and web designer and can take care of all your advertising needs. She also works her magic on the photos if necessary.

Between the three of us we can offer you professional horse and animal photograpy and in addition many more services around horses.

What can we do for you?

We offer you a complete equine promotion service tailored to your needs:

  • photos of horses, dogs and basically of all creatures great and small
  • graphic design, web and print ready ads, flyers, folders, brochures, show ring banners etc.
  • clipping of horses for photoshoots or shows
  • training of (miniature) horses for halter, driving and performance
  • webdesign service

Get in touch with us for more details or inquire about a photo shoot of your horse or dog. We are looking forward to hearing from you!